Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Saturday

Today is a Happy Day!

I'm happy because my Aunt Eling, Uncle Tykes and my cousin Jackielou visited our house this morning. They all came from Pampanga and are here in Quezon City to accompany my aunt for her medical check up at the Philippine Heart Center. Aunt Eling is the one who brought the sugpo at our house last Tuesday.

I'm happy because our family hasn't seen them for years and their visit gave us a chance to bond with one another. My Aunt is the sister of my late mother, she and my Uncle Tykes will be celebrating on January 26 their 41st wedding anniversary! My Uncle will take my Aunt to Tagaytay for their anniversary date! How sweet is that.

I'm happy because when I checked my blog it has fifty one followers already. Yey! When I put that google widget, I did not think that their will be people interested in following my blog. Thank you to all those who sign up to follow my blog.

I'm happy because when I checked the live traffic feed of this blog I have lots of visitors from different countries who checked this blog through my Help Haiti Victims, Donate Thru Paypal post. I'm grateful that through that post I was able to help people get the information they need to help the earthquake victims of Haiti. The donations course through the Save the Children charity will be able to bring aid to the victims.

If you want to donate through your paypal just click the link above.


alleo said...

hello another nice post of you :) thanks for the comment you left on my blog I did add your blog link into my friends blog :) hope you add mine too... thank you and God Bless happy blogging ate anne :)

David DeWall said...

Hi Joy-Anne, It is always good to see relatives you have not seen for a long time, isn't it? I'm glad you had all those friends sign up, I was one, and happy to do it. You should be seeing even more followers of your blog in the future. You have a very personal feel to your blogs, and you come across as a very caring and real person.


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