Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Haiti Victims, Donate Thru Paypal

Since yesterday I've been surfing the internet looking for ways to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

I was looking for a legitimate organization to donate to using my paypal account.

Good thing though that I was led to the paypal community where I found an easy way to help the victims specially the children.

Paypal is partnering with the Save the Children charity to raise money for the people affected by the disaster.

Save the Children charity has been working in Haiti since 1985.

So please if you have a paypal account, click this link to Save the Children's Haiti Emergency Fund and make a donation to help the Haiti people.


Gracie said...

Hi sis! Musta na? So sad talaga sa nangyari sa Haiti. I'll pray na sana maglagpasan nila itong trahedya na ito.

As for my hon-hon's surprise, di ko rin alam eh. Nacurious din ako. hahaha. I'll blog about it. weee. Ingat po lagi. Miss yeah! Muah!

camilynn said...


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