Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday at the Quezon City Circle

I woke up at 5:00 am on a Sunday morning because I went to the Quezon City Circle for jogging. I used to religiously go to this park every Sunday four years ago for the free Taebo session.

Four years ago, people who wants to visit the park needs to cross the huge Elliptical Road to get to the QC Circle; even if there is a someone manning the road to safeguard the people crossing the park, you still have to run to get to the other side because there are a lot of fast vehicles going through that road.

I am happy to discover that the Quezon City Circle underpass that connects the City Hall to the park is already opened. There is now a safer way to go to the park.

The newly constructed underpass is well-lit and there are security guards in the area. Pedestrians don't need to run anymore to reach the park, they can now do it leisurely as they gaze through the photo exhibit being shown at the underpass.

The photo exhibit shows the evolution of the City, the vision of President Manuel L Quezon, the early structures that was established in the city, the past mayors of the city, the completed and the future projects of the city.

After four years of not visiting the Quezon City Circle, I'm just glad that there has been a lot of improvements that Mayor Belmonte has done to the park. There is a newly constructed playground for the kids which is really huge; it can surely accommodate a lot of kids. There is a small amusement park with rides, newly built comfort rooms, covered basketball courts, badminton courts and food courts.

Mayor Belmonte's vision for the Quezon City circle is to make it truly a National Park and Shrine for the people of Quezon City.

I hope that when the term of Mayor Belmonte ends ( he is now running for Congressman), the next mayor will continue the legacy of Mayor Belmonte of making the Quezon City Circle a true landmark of the city.


Enchie said...

I agree, sana yung next Mayor kasing sipag ni Mayor B. I visited Qc Circle Saturday morning naman :)

Vera said...

I don't remember the last time I was at the Circle. Makabisita nga minsan...

Anonymous said...

san banda ung underpass? my friends always make an excuse not to go to qc circle because of having to use the overpass. Hope to hear from you soon :) I've never seen the underpass :)


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