Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yummy Sugpo Prawns

I came home yesterday to a pleasant surprise! We had sugpo for dinner. Yum!

These big prawns came from my Aunt Eling who dropped by our house yesterday. It just sad that our family wasn’t around to thank her for her delicious present because my dad was at the hospital for his check-up and my sibling and I were at work. But I get to express my gratitude to her through the phone.

My aunt told me that if they had a bigger container she would have wanted to bring tilapia (St. Peter’s Fish) too. My aunt who’s based in Pampanga has ponds that culture sugpo and tilapia.

We have sugpo that will last for days! And I wouldn’t mind. I haven’t checked how much a kilo this kind of prawn cost but I know that it’s pricey!

I’m looking forward to all the appetizing dishes my father will prepare from these sugpo; I’m thinking of Siningang na Sugpo (prawns in tamarind broth), Ginataang Sugpo (prawns in coconut milk), Tempura or just the plain Hilabos na Sugpo (steamed prawns).

Thank you Aunt Eling!

1 comment:

bambie said...

sarap nman nyan sis! fave ko pa nman ang prawns! :-)

btw sis, i updated my post about the list of partial sponsors to include the EC credits you pledged. thanks sis ha?


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