Friday, April 20, 2012

Beautiful Caleruega


For the past three years, my siblings and I would spend Holy Thursday and Good Friday at home.  After fasting, praying and being quiet on the said days, our Saturdays would be reserved for out of town trips.

This year we went to Caleruega at Brgy Kaylaway, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas. 

Caleruega is a favorite place for retreats, workshops, outdoor camping, team building, agricultural seminars and others.  The vast hills of Caleruega enables you to commune with nature and feel God's love. This place is run by the Dominican Order.

It’s a beautiful place with stunning views, plus it got a cool weather.


If you are commuting to Caleruega, ride a Nasugbu, Balayan or Calatagan bound bus.  We went to Araneta Bus Station in Cubao and rode a Balayan-bound San Agustin bus.  The fare was P128.00.  I informed the bus conductor that we are going to Caleruega and that we would like to get off at Evercrest Golf Club and Resort.

It was a pleasant, easy trip to Tagaytay City passing through the long Aguinaldo Highway.  A lot of the bus passengers alighted at the Tagaytay rotunda for their Holy Week break.   We were met by heavy traffic along Tagaytay proper until after Mendez.  I guess everyone was at Tagaytay that weekend to escape the summer heat in the Metro.  After a few minutes, the conductor told us that we were at the Evercrest Golf Club and Resort. 

As we alighted from the bus, we were met by children asking if we were going to Caleruega and pointed the next available tricycle to the place.  The tricycle driver informed us that the fare was P20.00 for each passenger.

It was a long 2 km ride from the entrance of Evercrest Golf Club and Resort to Caleruega.   I immediately got the driver’s mobile number, so I can text him when it was time for us to leave the place.  Be sure to get your drivers number because I'm sure you wouldn't want to walk back to the main highway.



1. The Transfiguration Chapel - The facade of this beautiful chapel is similar to the original chapel that the Dominican Order has in Caleruega, Spain.  This chapel is a favorite wedding destination.  Couples who wish to get married here usually have to reserve the chapel for at least a year prior to their actual wedding date.  The chapel is made from brick.  Inside the 150-seat capacity place of worship, you can see the magnificent glass-stained window showing Moses, Elijah and Jesus Christ, the main characters in the story of the transfiguration in the gospel.

2. The ethnic inspired Way of the Cross - The Stations of the Cross were carved and interpreted depicting Jesus and the apostles as "Ifugaos."

3. The Koi Pond below this beautifully constructed steel bridge - big, colorful Koi fishes, man-made waterfall

4. The Camp Site and Picnic Grounds - 

5. The Earth Cafe -  Take a quick snack here, buy Koi fishes or bring home some souvenirs and treats

6. The Hanging Bridge

7. The Tent Chapel - Most people fail to see this beautiful chapel on top of the hill because right after the hanging bridge, you'll see this vast open field that seems like a dead end.  To get to the Tent Chapel, cross the hanging bridge and climb the steep hill to your left.  It's a long, tiring ascend but the view is nevertheless spectacular.

8. The Beautiful Scenery

9. The Wooden Seesaw - Make a quick rest and sit on one of these wooden seesaw scattered along the place.


1.  Pray 

2. Reflect and stay for a few days - There are dormitories and cottages where you can stay to have a retreat.  Inquire at the reception area of Caleruega for their rates.

3. Pause for a few minutes to commune with nature

4. Have a Picnic -  It's best to bring your own food because the Earth Cafe at Caleruega has limited food selections, and they don't serve lunch.

5. Take lots of pictures - There are so many lovely spots to have your pictures taken so take advantage of the beautiful landscapes and make those shots.

It's a wonderful Holy Week Break for me and my loved ones.  I can't wait to go back to Caleruega again.


Enchie said...

Hi Joy! looking good girl :D I haven't been to Caleruega for a very long time. My husband and I were suppose to get married here in 2004. It was very beautiful and peaceful. Looking at your pictures, it's more beautiful now... Can't wait to go back with my 2 little boys :D

Gracie said...

Hi Sis! Guilty rin ako for not visiting this site so often. Been too busy with work. Ikaw rin naman having a great time in your travels. Galing! I am glad that you are having a great time.

Miss you!

unikorna said...

Beautiful Joy, your photos are delightful and inviting, but I'd have to sell my house to afford a trip to this beautiful place :). Kisses.

Deodorant crystal said...

dear great blog.I really impressed your inspiration.Pictures are wonderful.After seeing these i love to go there and spend a great time there..Its really fun.Thanks for sharing.

Island Hopes said...

Wow, ang ganda. I can't believe I didn't know about this- was just at Nasugbu the other week. Sayang, must go again.

bhinggay said...


the blog is very informative! wanna go there next year! ganda ng place and pati ung environment parang peaceful.


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