Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Manila Ocean Park Adventure

The Manila Ocean Park- Philippine's First Oceanarium

My brother and I went to The Manila Ocean Park last April 9,2010. The Manila Ocean Park is the country's first Oceanarium which is located behind the Quirino Grandstand.

We were there at around ten in the morning, and people were starting to line up for the tickets. We were expecting that the park will have many visitors that day because April 9 was an official holiday. Nevertheless, we were able to secure our tickets after fifteen minutes.

The Park's entrance fee is: P400.00 for adults, P350 for children 4.5 feet and below, senior citizen upon presenting their senior citizen discount ID is entitled to a twenty percent discount, and Manila residents with ID have a ten percent discount, and it's free for children two feet and below.

The journey inside the Oceanarium starts with Agos( Flow) which features a jungle-like trek and presents a man made waterfall with its water flowing to the eight big aquariums of the Ocean Park which contains fresh water fauna.

At the end of Agos is the Dalampasigan,  the visitors here can touch a starfish and an ocean star, which I did.

Next to Agos is Bahura (Coral Reefs) - it features 46 different aquariums with different species of fish that  inhabit coral reefs.

Laot (Fishing Ground) follows, it has four massive fish tanks which features marine fishes that people used for food.

After Laot is Buhay na Karagatan (The Living Ocean) - a twenty five meter walk along an underwater tunnel which is the heart of the oceanarium; here you can see how marine life interact with one another

The Kalaliman (The Deep ) which features the jacks that normally inhabit the deep ocean (oops...forgot to take the picture of the jacks)

Then the last two parts of the Oceanarium is the Pagi (Stingray) and the Pating ( Shark)

After the sharks, we exit to the the third floor where the Fish Spa and the Bottom Glass Boat ride is located. The fish spa cost P120.00 while the boat ride is P150.00. We didn't try these attractions because we were super hungry after touring the oceanarium.

Maybe we'll try the fish spa and the boat ride when we visit the Ocean Park again.

It was a great Ocean Adventure. I'm looking forward to my next Manila Ocean Park visit. :)


Gracie said...

Hayz, kainggit ka talaga sis. Tagal ko nang gustong pumunta dyan till now di pa matuloy tuloy. hahaha. I am so glad seeing your happy pictures. Stay pretty and happy!

jenskie said...

hi!!! oy, nakakamiss ang ocean park. i've been there w/ my friends last last year p ata. nakita nyo jellyfish? wala pa un nung pumunta kami... nakakainggit! guto kong bumalik dun, it rerinds me ng bicol, nakatira kmi malapit sa beach sa province.

have a nice day po!

alf said...

i like to go there pag nakapag bakasyon kamu dyan sa philippines

she who has been.. said...

i might go there one of these days..hehehe if time permits


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