Monday, April 05, 2010

Noah's Park in Rodriguez Rizal

Last April 3, 2010, my siblings, my brother's girlfriend, my boyfriend and I went to Noah's Park in Rodriguez, Rizal.  (There have been a lot of improvements in Noah's Park since our last visit- Click here to read what's new in Noah's Park. We went back to Noah's Park last May 1, 2014)

Noah's Park is a lovely resort in Baranggay San Isidro,Rodriguez, Rizal which is beside Avilon Zoo. Entrance fee at Noah's Park for adult is for only P120.00 while children below four feet is at P80.00.The cottage prize ranges from P200 to P600; there's a hotel too inside the resort, but I was not able to check the room rates. Our cottage which is called the Lake House can sit at least six people and cost P500.00 to rent. Visitors can bring in food and beverages, but bottled softdrinks has a corkage fee of P5.00 for each bottle.

But because we went there last Black Saturday, a lot of families were at the resort too taking advantage of the long holy week break, the three swimming pools inside Noah's Park were jampacked with people.

The Rock Pool

The Garden Pool

The swimming pool became a dipping pool. We only stayed at the pool for a few minutes because it's too crowded with people. We just enjoyed the scenic views the resort has to offer.

Aside from swimming, other activities visitors can enjoy include:
Playing at the Garden Maze

Wall climbing(pardon the slanting picture)


In a scale of one - ten , with ten as the highest, I'll give Noah's Park an eight. It would have been better if they construct more swimming pools inside the resort so that people can enjoy the park's swimming amenities. Aside from the pools, there should be more shower rooms too. I also wish that the public officials of Rodriguez, Rizal can do something too about the dirt road going to Noah's Park and Avilon Zoo. They should construct better roads because these places are tourist attractions of their province. People will be more encourage to visit Noah's Park and Avilon Zoo if the road will become smooth for travel.

My loved ones and I had a great time last Saturday at Noah's Park.


Carmen Araneta said...

It's just so good to enjoy being with friends and family. God Bless.

Jenn said...

it's definitely a nice place to unwind and bond with family.


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