Friday, May 30, 2014

Saint Ursula Parish and Kalbaryo at Binangonan Rizal

Last April 19, 2014, my brother, his wife and another brother’s girlfriend and I went to Binangonan, Rizal.

How to Travel to Binangonan?
From Aurora Boulevard, we took a jeepney ride to Sta. Lucia Mall and from Sta. Lucia Mall we hailed a jeep with a Binangonan signboard. Aurora to Sta. Lucia Mall fare was P10.00 and then from Sta. Lucia to Binangonan was P35.00. Judging from the fare we paid going to Binangonan we knew it was a long ride.

We passed by the towns of Taytay and Angono. I wonder why the main road, Manila East Road, that the jeepney took became narrower and narrower as we approached the town of Binangonan? 

The image of Saint Ursula by the belfry tower, she is the Patron saint of orphans and students and her feast day is celebrated  every October 21

Our first stop was the Saint Ursula Parish Church. This 200-year-old church is one of the oldest churches in Rizal. Construction of the church started in 1792 and was completed in 1800.

St. Ursula Parish is located at Paterno Extension, Barangay Libid, Binangonan, Rizal and the parish office number is 625-3413.

How to reach Saint Ursula Parish
The narrow streets of Barangay Libid can be confusing so asked the jeepney driver to drop you off at Paterno Street and the church is just a short walking distance.

It was sad that the church was closed during our time of visit. We were not able to see the church’s interior. 

How to go to Kalbaryo
From Saint Ursula Parish we took a short tricycle ride to Kalbaryo or Calvary Hill. Kalbaryo is a popular religious place for locals to visit especially during Holy Week. There are Stations of the Cross along the hill where you can stop and recite a prayer. There is also a ruin of an old chapel half way through the top of the hill.

entrance to Kalbaryo

the chapel ruins
more steps to conquer

just a few more steps to take 

On top of the hill are the 15 feet big white cross, the statue of the Virgin Mary and the breathtaking view of the town of Binangonan and of the Laguna Bay. There were about 275 steps to climb to reach the top.

light a candle and say a prayer by the image of Our Lady

the scenic view of Laguna de Bay and of the town of Binangonan

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