Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Revisiting Noah's Park in Rodriguez Rizal

My siblings and I were planning to go to one of the popular resorts in Antipolo for our Labor Day outing, but my boyfriend told me that we should go instead to Noah's Park in Rodriguez, Rizal.  He said that there have been a lot of improvements in the said resort since our visit to Noah's Park in 2010(Here's my previous post about Noah's Park).

Since we've been to the popular resort in Antipolo many times, my siblings, their respective partners and I agreed that will be going instead to Noah's Park.

Our second visit was a lot pleasurable and joyful than the first because of two reasons!

1. I was complaining before that there weren't enough swimming pools in Noah's Park; that the pool can get really crowded on a hot summer day. When we got back, the once fishing pond and the area for the lakeside view cottages were converted into two large swimming pools. These pools were finished only last April.

This was supposedly the wave pool (I wonder why they didn't turned on the waves when we were there) which was huge and inviting.

The next one was the kiddie pool which really looks cute with the blue paint and drawings of the dolphins. But what we really love about this pool was that we got splashed with the cold water collected from the pail on top of the pool. This was a refreshing way to cool ourselves that scorching hot day! It truly beats the summer heat.

There's another newly constructed pool which we were not able to go to because that was exclusive to those who are billeted to their hotel or mini condominium.  By the way Noah's Park is now called Noah's Leisure Park and Hotel.

2. We loved the 300 meter long and 30 feet high hanging bridge that we got to cross in Noah's Park.  It afforded as the chance to see the beautiful sights this place has to offer.

Aside from the hanging bridge and the new swimming pools, the other things that's new at Noah's Park are:

Trampoline and other obstacle course perfect for team building

And the  newly constructed chapel

Entrance fee for day swimming at Noah's is now at P180.00 for adults, P130 for children below 4 feet. Their cottages ranges from P250 to P1900.

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