Saturday, June 07, 2014

Leona's Art Restaurant

Leona’s Art Restaurant offers Mexican Italian dishes. It is located at # 45 Matimtiman Street Quezon City.  This restaurant is not easy to find since it is not found along Maginhawa Street and their signage outside the restaurant is not that big and visible. We’re glad that the tricycle driver who brought us to Leona was familiar with the restaurant. We just told the driver that we wanted to eat at the restaurant that offers pizza all you can promo.

The place is small which is similar to most of the restaurants in the Maginhawa area. It can sit 20 to 30 people.  There are also some tables and chairs outside the restaurant but we opted to dine it because it was a hot summer night. I like the homey and cozy feel of this restaurant.

My siblings wanted to try the pizza all you can promo of Leona’s; sadly it ended a few days before our visit. We wanted to really have the pizza all you can promo because we wanted to know how many pizza slices we can eat. Hehehe. Sobrang takaw. The food attendant then offered their other promo which was the 3 pizza promo for 499 – 14’’ three cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza and  a choice of any of their other pizza.

So we had the 3 pizza promo. For our third pizza we ordered the ham and mushroom pizza.  Aside from our pizza order we also had the roasted chicken promo for 499 – roasted chicken with its salsa and gravy sauce, Mexican rice and a pitcher of Coke.

Everything served to us was delicious. But I like the three cheese pizza the most because I love cheese. It was cheesy and crunchy.  With the roasted chicken I hope they can cut down on the herbs they put into it because a few hours after our dinner I can still taste the herb.

The waitresses at Leona’s were attentive to us and they offered to take our group pictures when they saw us clicking the camera.

I would love to go back to Leona's and try the other dishes in their menu.

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Enchie said...

Buti na lang I saw your post :D I will visit this restaurant soon. Been around Sikatuna looking for a new place to eat while I wait for the time to fetch my son. Leona's looks inviting and I love their menu. Thanks!


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