Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Tagaytay City's - People's Park In the Sky

Because Chinese New Year was a holiday, my brother and his wife, my other brother's girlfriend and I decided to go to Tagaytay City and took advantage of this day off from work.

We were already at the Coastal Mall Bus Terminal at 5:30 am and were already in Tagaytay City by 7:00 a.m. Our bus fare cost us P74.00 each.

The aircon of the San Agustin bus that we rode was really cold and all I wanted was to step out of the bus to warm myself.  I can't wait to get off at Tagaytay.  Little did I know that Tagaytay was even colder than the bus' aircon.

Stepping out of the bus, we were greeted by the cold air of Tagaytay and the wind was blowing very hard as well.  My long sleeves shirt and sweater is no match for Tagaytay's weather.

Our first stop was at the Pink Sisters' Convent which was at Holy Spirit Drive.  I'll post a much lengthier post on this convent next time.  We said our prayers and offered our petitions here.

From the Pink Sisters' Convent we went to the People's Park in the Sky.  We rode a tricycle to People's Park in the Sky which is also known as Palace in the Sky.  The tricycle driver charged as P100.00.  It was a long drive from Olivarez.  We even passed by the Picnic Groove and Tierra De Maria.  It felt like we were going to the other end of Tagaytay.

There were a lot of tourists here at Palace in the Sky.  We paid P30.00 each for entrance.  At the entrance of the park you can take a jeepney ride for P5.00 to take you to the shrine and the mansion.  We opted to take the hike to the top.

People's Park in the Sky was located at Mount Gonzales.  Before it was known as Palace in the Sky during President Marcos' administration.  In the 1980's, the government started building a mansion here for the Marcoses and the construction was hastened in the 1981 so that it will be completed in time for President Reagan's visit to the Philippines but this did not push through.  When the Marcoses left the Philippines, the new government converted this incomplete mansion into a park and became known as the People's Park in the Sky.

This place had a breathtaking view of the Taal Volcano, Taal Lake and the Taal Ridge, and at its elevation, it was very windy and colder here.There's a shrine of the Our Lady of Fair Love and a Doppler Weather Station of the PAGASA inside the park.

There are picnic huts you can rent, food stalls and souvenir shops here.

It was just sad that the place has fallen into ruin.  I wonder where P30.00 we paid go into.

The place was rusty.  A fresh coat of paint was badly needed for the structures.

The signage had incomplete letters in it and was covered in moss.

I hope the city of Tagaytay can do something about the state of the People's Park in the Sky.

From People's Park in the Sky, we went to Tagaytay's newest attraction which is Sky Ranch.  Watch out for my post on it!

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