Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Sky Ranch - Tagaytay's Newest Attraction

To continue with our day tour of Tagaytay, after having lunch in Chowking (at the Rotunda), we (my brother and his wife, my other brother's girlfriend and I) hailed a jeep going to Mendez, Cavite.  We then asked the driver to drop us off at Sky Ranch. The jeepney fare was only P8.00.

Sky Ranch is the name of the complex while the amusement park is known as the Sky Fun.  Inside Sky Ranch aside from the amusement park, are food stalls, gazebos and restaurants.  Sky Ranch offers horseback riding at P250 for 30 minutes and there's a zipline as well.

Posing at the entrance

Sky Ranch's Map

Lining up for the tickets

Taking a rest at one of the gazebos

Entrance fee was P100.00 but since there was a promo we only paid P50.00 per person.    Guests at Sky Ranch were not allowed to bring in food and beverages.

You have to pay for each of the ride in Sky Fun.  They don't have a ride all you can ticket.  Most of the rides were intended for the kids.  Adults on the other hand will enjoy riding the Viking and the Sky Eye.

Price of the other rides:
Super Viking - P100
Nessie Coaster - P50
Mini Viking - P50
Wonder Flight - P50
Red Baron - P50
Express Train - P50

Sky Eye or the Tagaytay Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in the country at 63 feet with 32 gondolas. This was the park's main attraction. Each gondola can accommodate four persons.  A ride cost P150.00/pax.

I am a scaredy cat and I hate heights!  But since it was Chinese New Year, I decided to try something I've never done before which is to ride a Ferris wheel.  So despite my apprehension I've decided to buy a ticket for the Sky Eye.

The view from the gondola

Taking pictures from inside the gondola

Me, all smiles and conquering my fear

Riding the Ferris wheel only took a few minutes. It was just one complete loop at the Ferris wheel and the ride ended. I savor the moment I was on it because I got to beat my fear and enjoy the Tagaytay scenery.

Sky Ranch I must say had the most breathtaking view of the Taal Ridge, Taal Lake and the Taal Volcano.
What a sight

Sky Ranch was our last destination for the day.  Before riding the bus to take us to Manila, we got some pasalubong from Loumar's.

Our Yummy pasalubong - Buko Pie, Buko Tart, Pastillas, Yema Tart, Uraro cookies, Panocha

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