Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Maginhawa Food Trip: Parrillada Grill

Just barely a week after having a dinner date with my boyfriend at Via Antonella and Gayuma ni Maria, we were back at the Maginhawa food strip.

This time we had lunch at Parrillada Grill with my boyfriend's sister and nephew.  We came from a medical check-up at Saint Luke's and Ate (my boyfriend's sister) wanted something to eat that is not from Jollibee, Mc Donald's and other fast food joint.  Boyfriend and I suggested that we go to Maginhawa Street and look for a place that would be interesting to eat.

We were supposed to eat at Bowl and Brew but because there was no available parking space this did not push through.  We were really hungry so when we saw the restaurants near Makadios Street we decided that will eat in one of those.

Parrillada Grill is one of the new restaurants along Maginhawa Street.  The restaurant opened in September 15, 2013.

The restaurant has a very homey feel.  I liked the couch by the wall and the colorful throw pillows on it.

Their menu consists of grilled dishes, Pinoy favorite viands and other well-loved comfort foods.  The servers were very polite and attentive.

This is what we ordered:

Chicken Fingers

Seafood Pasta


Mediterranean Ribs 

I was not able to get the individual price of each of the dish that we had but everything in the menu was affordable.  Everything we had taste delicious.

So if ever you are in the Maginhawa area don't forget to give Parrillada Grill a try!

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