Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Pink Sisters' Convent - Tagaytay City

We (My brother and his wife, my other brother's girlfriend and I) left Quezon City last January 31, 2014 for Tagaytay at 4:45 am to make it on time to hear the 6:30 am mass at the Pink Sisters' Convent.  This did not happen because of the traffic at EDSA that morning due to some road re-blocking.  We reached Tagaytay a few minutes after seven.

From the Olivarez Bus Terminal, we took a tricycle and told the driver we were going to the Pink Sisters' Convent or The Convent of Divine Mercy which was located at Holy Spirit Drive, Tagaytay City. The ride cost us P40.00.

The Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration or the Pink Sisters because of the pink habit their wore lead a contemplative life.  Here at the convent the nuns take turns praying every hour before the Blessed Sacrament.

St. Arnold Janssen founded the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters

Being a place of worship visitors should wear proper clothes and refrain from making noises.

Visitors can pray inside the convent's chapel, write their petitions and place it inside the designated box so the sisters can pray for it.  In the same box, you can drop your donations to support the congregation.

After saying our prayers and writing our petitions, we strolled around the garden of the convent and took pictures.

The place was very peaceful and solemn which was really conducive to praying and meditation .  The garden was beautiful and well taken care of.

There's a gift shop inside the convent but it was still close when we visited the place.

Our next destination after the Pink Sisters' Convent was at the People's Park in the Sky.


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