Thursday, January 16, 2014

Food Trip for Our Anniversary Date

Last January 13 was my boyfriend and I's anniversary.  If last year we celebrated it at Ocean Park, this year we thought of having a formal dinner date.

We have been a couple for several years but we haven't really dine out in any fancy restaurant.  Usually, we would eat at Jollibee, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc., but not anything that was not fast food.  So for this year, I asked if we could dine out anywhere that was not hamburger, fries or fried chicken. :) and he readily agreed.

Sobrang excited ako kasi hindi naman kami mahilig pumunta sa mamahaling lugar.  Parehas kaming simple at jologs.  Pero para sa gabing ito try naman namin maging sosyal. Kahit konti. Hehehe

He was asking me a week before our anniversary where I wanted to eat, and I suggested certain places we could go and then being the person that he is - he told me "Huwag na nating planuhin para matuloy."  I don't know but usually things don't go as plan when we plan things.  Things go better and more enjoyable for us if it's spontaneous.

Silently I was hoping that we could go to Marikina and try the restos there or in Maginhawa in Quezon City which is a popular area for dining.

If the place where we would go was not settled at least we had set a definite time - 5:00 pm.

My boyfriend is so sweet. He knew that my heart was set on a formal date so he wore pants and a branded shirt. He even wore a watch. (Eh itong boyfriend ko ayaw mag pants lagi lang ito naka shorts at comfortable siya sa kahit anong damit.  Isa nga ito sa mga katangian na nagustuhan ko sa kanya - simple at totoo at super confident sa sarili niya.) He told me that he had this shirt last December but really waited for this occasion to wear it.  He even borrowed his sister's Toyota Montero so we had a car for our date.  If I had known that we would have a car and not commuting I might have worn a dress instead. Hahaha.

He was extra attentive to me during our date.  He opened the car door for me, held my hand while driving and assist me when I alight just a few flight of stairs. Hindi ako sanay, feeling ko one of the boys kasi I grew up in a household of three boys.

When we were in the car, he said "Let's go to Maginhawa. Let's drive around and then you choose where you want us to eat." I was grinning from ear to ear when he said that.

We drove from one end of the street to the other end.  It was a long road.  We even passed by my High School.  It was hard for me to choose because there were a lot of options. But I knew that he was not fond of Japanese food and he liked to eat meat.  So Japanese themed restos were out and steak would be a good choice.  I remembered that I read in a blog before that Via Antonella served steak and then I liked how the restaurant look when we passed by it so Via Antonella it was.

We had dinner at Via Antonella. And because he wanted me to be happy and he knew that I wanted to try the restaurants in Maginhawa for the longest time, he suggested that we had dessert at Gayuma ni Maria which we did.

The night turn out so well.  The food and the places we went were great.  We had a lot of fun while conversing and he gamely took pictures.  Eh itong taong to ayaw din ng picture eh.  But he knew I'll be happy if we had a lot of photos, selfies included so he indulged me and took a lot of pictures.

After so many years - nakakakilig pa rin kapag kasama ko ang boyfriend ko.  We might have dinner in a fancy restaurant or eat hopia and share a bottle of Mountain Dew which we did during our second year together parehas pa ring nakakakilig kasi alam ko na mahal niya ako at mahal ko siya.


uma said...

Hi,this is uma from India.I accidentally came across your blog.This is a very nice blog and I enjoy reading it.I admire Filipinos and Filipino culture.

Rocks said...

hi Joy!! it's been a while :) happy to see you back in the blogworld :D

belated happy anniversary sa inyo ng boyfriend mo.wishing you many more happy anniversaries to come!


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