Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Karen's Cakes

My cousin loves to bake cakes.  To pursue this passion of hers, she enrolled in a baking and decorating cake class by a well-known chef.

This was the first cake she baked and designed for the class:

And from that  first cake, she started creating more delicious and more beautiful cakes, cupcakes and cookies.  Looking at her creations, one might find it hard to eat her work of arts because it looks really pretty to eat.

Here are her other works:

Family and friends soon started ordering from her that she decided to put up her small baking business through multiply which is Little Miss Cakeaholic.  Please click the link and enjoy her delicious and pretty cakes.

Her business may be on a small-scale right now, but I believed that with her talent, this business of hers will be big one day!

And who knows, she may be able to have her own bakeshop too!

Should she decide to go full blast with her business, I guess that aside from coming up with a catchy name for her cake business, she should be thinking also of a  company logo.

A good name and logo is important for business promotions and it will definitely create client recall.  A well-thought of business name and logo establishes professionalism, as well as proper branding and recognition of the business. I hope she will be able to come up with a visually appealing logo that will match her equally beautiful cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Well, I only wish all the best for my cousin and her Little Miss Cakeholic venture!


Nicavia Chua said...

Her cakes look so good. Do you have her website or multiply link? I can't seem to find it. I'd like to inquire about her cakes for my wedding.

Joy said...

Hi Ms Nicavia,

Her multiply link is http://littlemisscakeaholic.multiply.com, please visit her site.

unikorna said...

your cousin is very talented, it looks like she can start teaching a cooking class herself :). Congrats.

Lauren said...

Wow, she is very talented!

Philippine Wedding Resources said...

nice cake.. so talented


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