Friday, March 23, 2012

On Board the M.V. Logos Hope

Last March 4, 2012, my brother, my boyfriend and I went to the South Harbor, Manila Bay to visit the MV Logos Hope.
It was our first time to go to the South Harbor.  I am more familiar with the North Harbor because my brother and I rode the Sun Cruiser II ferry when we went to Corregidor at the North Harbor. Because we don't know how to go to the South Harbor we rode the taxi going there, and it turned out that it was just near the Manila Hotel.


It was a Sunday when we went to the MV Logos, so there's a long queue of people lining outside to enter the ship.  But despite waiting long at the line, I was still giddy with excitement to see the books sold at the MV Logos Hope

MV Logos Hope is the largest floating bookstore in the world.  Before the MV Logos Hope, there was the MV Logos which made its maiden voyage in 1970, followed by the MV Logos II and the MV Doulos.  MV Logos Hope is run by GBA Ships, e.V, a German based Christian organization which aims through its MV Logos Hope to bring knowledge, help and hope to the different ports their ship sails to and docked at.

All of the ship's crew are volunteers from 50 different countries around the world.  They stay on board the ship for a maximum of two years, and they help serve in the communities of the ports they visit.


1.  The raft-like reception area where you will be made to watch a video about MV Logos Hope's history and mission.  On the left-side of the raft, you can see the pictures and history of the past vessels of GBA Ships which also served as a floating bookstore.

2.  The bookstore which carries more than 5000 titles.  The system of payment here is in units.  100 Units = P100.00.  The books are sold at affordable prices.  Aside from books,there are CDs and various MV Logos Hope Souvenirs as well.

Narnia books are at P200.00 only

3.  A visual presentation along the ship called the Journey of Life

4. The International Cafe that has hotdogs, popcorn, ice cream and others.

5. The theater - were they hold cultural presentations.


1. Buy books.  It has many titles that are not readily sold at the local bookstore and are sold at cheap prices.

These books are at P25.00 and P50.00 only

2. Watch the cultural presentations.

3. Chat with the crew.  My brother and I were blessed to have met Sarah, a volunteer teacher from UK.  She gave a moving testimony about her faith and the three of us prayed together right at the middle of the theater.

with Sarah , one of the crew from UK

4. Eat at the cafe.  My boyfriend bought a Coke vanilla flavor which is not available here in Manila.  But I was not able to taste it because I gave up softdrinks for Lent.

5. Take pictures.

6. Get free books which can be found near the exit of the ship.

MV Logos Hope is now stationed at Subic Freeport and from there, it will sail to Bitung, Indonesia on June 29, 2012 and to Sattahip, Thailand on September 2, 2012.

I can't wait to visit the ship again when it visits Manila in the future.


unikorna said...

Wow it looks like this was some amazing cruise :). If this was your Titanic I wonder who was Leonardo di Caprio :). Kisses.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I do love cruising too but they expensive.


Enchie said...

I missed this one when it docked here in manila. My sister and pamangkins were able to go and buy readings for a very cheap price. Then, it docked in Subic when we were there March of this year, missed it again... :(


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