Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Valentine's Day Celebration

My boyfriend and I don't go out on a date on Valentine's Day simply because we want to avoid the crowd who are on dates on that special day.

But we see to it that we see each other on Valentine's Day and celebrate it either by having lunch or dinner with my family.

My brother and his girlfriend also celebrated Valentine's Day with us this year.

For dinner we have roasted chicken from Chooks To Go, shark's fin and beef siomai from Red Ninja and special lumpia from Lei's Lumpia and we have heart shaped chocolates for dessert.

Every one enjoyed their dinner and had a great Valentine's Day!


Shimumsy said...

nice to see you again sis. happy belated valentine's day.

Chimmie said...

belated happy valentines

Mhar's Display said...

HI Joy, cute naman ng lollipops :)
by the way, pls follow and subscribe too.thank u.


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