Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

My boyfriend is not the romantic type of guy. He is not one who loves writing love letters or cards or sending flowers or chocolates. He is not one who texts you with sweet-mushy messages or plan on extra sweet dates and out of town trips.

But when it's Valentine's Day, he sets aside his not being romantic and sees to it that I have flowers on that special day; it's a tradition he has kept for years.

Every year, I'm excited to find out what type of flowers or color of flowers he's going to choose for me. I'm not really particular about the flower even if it's baby's breath I'll take it because the most important thing is that he remembered that I would really appreciate it if he gives me flowers on Valentine's Day! I would not ask for chocolates or dinner or any other gift, flowers will do.

On our first Valentine's Day, he gave me a dozen of peach roses; the following year he gave Malaysian mums in various colors; last year it was carnations and Malaysian mums and this year it's three white roses.

He was apologetic when he handed the flowers to me because he doesn't have much of a choice in selecting what flowers to gave me because the flower shop in Marikina where he always bought my flowers had run out of flowers. It was almost seven in the evening when he got to the flower shop because he had been swamped with work the whole day.

Thank you Hun!

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