Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Enterprise Social Network

People are very much into social networking sites- Twitter and Facebook are the “in thing” today. Through these social networking sites people get to rekindle friendships with people they haven’t seen for years and are constantly in touch with loved ones thousands of miles away. People are hooked to these sites because of the variety of applications it give to their users such as: microblogging, posting of pictures, games and others.

But did you know that businesses can also make use of enterprise social network for the advancements of their companies? Enterprise social network makes the exchange of information and data within the company fast and in real time. It’s like having your own “facebook” for company use.

This enterprise social network serves as the central hub of communications among employees and between data and applications. It eliminates the hassles of unnecessary meetings, emails and calls because employees get their needed information online through the company’s own network or through their mobile phones when their out from the office.

There are many companies that provide social software to meet the increasing demands for enterprise social network and one of such companies is Socialcast. Socialcast is a company that specializes in providing enterprise collaboration software to thousands of companies and industries since 2005. Their social software is able to provide the following product highlights: Activity Streams, Reach Extension, Analytics, Directory Integration, Outlook Connector, Mobile Accessibility, Enterprise Microblogging, Town Hall Extension, Premium Security and Compliance, Share Point Web Part and Desktop Application plus it offers the following free basic applications like: Administration Tools, Employee Profiles, Groups and Customs Streams and Other Integrations.

Having an enterprise social network is important to any company who gives priority to accessibility and connectivity. It is now time for companies to learn more about enterprise social network and evaluate how this innovation can help their companies.

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