Tuesday, November 30, 2010

KFC's Double Down Sandwich

Before heading home from the Kerygma Conference I attended at the PICC, my brother and I went to KFC for our dinner.

I immedietely ordered their newest offering the Double Down - two bacon stips, monterey jack and pepper jack cheese and a special Colonel sauce sandwiched between two breaded chicken breasts.

The first few bites is satisfying and then I couldn't enjoy it anymore because of the many overwhelming flavors I'm tasting. I am craving for a bun to go with it or even rice to eat it with just to even out the taste. I only ate half of it and gave it to my brother.

When my bf and I watched a movie last Sunday, he ordered this same sandwich for his take out. Knowing how he loves meat, this treat is something he will really enjoy. After finishing his double down, he said that he can only eat one because the sandwich is too oily.

Double Down cost P100.oo, P115 with a drink and P135 if you order a sidings and a drink.

If you want to give a try be sure to order a bun or a rice to go with so that you can enjoy it more. :)

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