Monday, November 29, 2010

Blogs Update

Last month was not a productive month for this blog. I only had two posts. But I am happy that although it is already the end of the month I was still able to write eight short posts before this article. And I know that in the coming days I will be able to write more and post more. I already made a list of the topics I will write about because there are so many wonderful things that happened during the last few days.

November started slow for me and there were days in it that I could consider as trying days. But the Lord has been very faithful and He showed me His infinite grace even if I resisted it at first. So I'm ending this month with a bang and with a grateful heart.

This blog surely has a lot of activity in the coming days but I cannot say the same thing for my other blog. It is really hard to maintain two blogs and I am just amazed with those who can have three or more blogs and keeps them all updated. My "Happy and Healthy Me," blog last post was written in the second week of October.

I am really at a lost about what to post in there because that blog is more on posting tips on healthy and happy living which is different from this blog which talks about the events that are happening in my life right now.

But I do not want to give up my "Happy and Healthy Me" blog because I love the layout of the blog, I paid for its domain name and I'm even thinking of having my own web site hosting for that blog.

I need to squeeze out all my creative juices so I can breathe some life into my other blog.


Vickie Heully said...

I think we all get into a blogger block every now and then. Gives you a chance to explore the ideas you want to write about later. Happy posting in the coming month :-)

Gracie said...

Don't worry sis. the writer in you will come out naturally. hehehe.

I was really happy meeting you in person. I hope marami pa tayong pagkakataon na magkita ulet.

Ingat po lagi sis! I will always be praying for you. Muah!

Kimmy said...

I always allow myself a break in blogging if I need it. I try now to blog when I need to. Looks like once a week does it for me!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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