Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Restoration - Kerygma 2010

The Kerygma Conference is an annual Catholic learning event led by lay preacher Bo Sanchez.

This year's theme is "Restoration." We all need to be restored, to be inspired and to be blessed. Unlike last year which I also attended where there's only one venue, this year there's different streams happening at the various hall of the PICC. Participants can choose which streams they would like to attend: Marriage, Singles, Youth, Faith, Inner, Single Parents and Happy Celebates.

I was supposed to attend the Faith Restoration streams but the tickets were all sold out already so I choose Inner Restoration instead.

I am so blessed to have attended this stream because I learned a lot of things about healing. Healing is not only physical but there should be healing of the soul and spirit as well. The topic that were discussed were: Healing of the Mind, Soulution: Spiritual Deliverence, The Family Free: Generational Healing and Buddy Body: Physical Healing.

The speakers at the Inner Restoration stream were inspiring and there was a powerful worship session at the end of the conference. I left the event feeling blessed, inspired and restored.

I am looking forward for next year's Kerygma Conference.

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