Monday, November 29, 2010

Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Church)

After the Kerygma Conference at the PICC which ended at around 5:30 pm I asked my brother Paul if we could attend the anticipated mass so that we don't have to wake up early for the Sunday mass the following day and he agreed. We were supposed to hear the 7:00 pm mass at our own parish but that did not happened because at 6:30 pm we were still at the Carriedo Station of the LRT. My brother suggested that we hear mass at the Quiapo Church instead.

I have only been to Quiapo Church once and last Saturday was the first time for me to hear mass at this church.

Although, it is located at the heart of a busy business district of Quiapo with all the noisy vehicles passing by just outside the church. my brother and I were able to experience the solemnity of the mass there.

There were only a few people attending the 7:00 pm anticipated mass which I know is different during Fridays were the church is jam packed with people who are devotees of the Black Nazarene.

Inside the church were civilian clothed security guard that roamed the church to safeguard the people attending the mass.

It was a wonderful experience to visit this church, next on our list is to visit the Baclaran Church because my brother and I haven't been there yet.

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Kassandra said...

Ganda pala ng Quiapo noh... kala ko kasi hindi kasi sa TV parang ang gulo...


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