Thursday, July 01, 2010


Funny that before I wrote this post I happened to read the blog of an high school classmate of mine about her ultrasound experience when I was about to blog about the same thing.

I was happy for my classmate because it was a wonderful experience for her because she and her loved ones were able to know the gender of the baby - a boy for her firstborn. I could just imagine how excited she was on her way to her ultrasound and how glad she was after the 4D scan has been handed to her - the first pictures of her baby.
On my part however, it was a different story. I wished I was there because I'm pregnant too. But I'm not. I was there upon the orders of my gastroenterologist for an upper abdominal ultrasound. But I knew deep inside me that nothing is wrong with any of my upper abdominal organs and the sonologist at the clinic confirmed it. That was a relief.
For those with upper abdominal ultrasound request - don't forget that you need to fast at least six hours before your ultrasound.

My work-up does not end there though, I'm still due to have an appointment with a pulmonologist this coming Saturday. But, I have this strong feeling within me telling me that everything is okay with my lungs as well and that the initial diagnosis I've got is not true at all.

I just knew that I'll be okay.


jenskie said...

wow! there is a 4D ultrasound scanner here? this is really a great news, at my age now, i am wanting to have a baby, now... and btw, i'm sure you'll be fine. :) tests will be ok.


bambie said...

wish you all the best sis...:)

Anne said...

Good luck with the medical tests. I know how frustrating it can be when doctors can't determine a diagnosis.


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