Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I Lost 7 Pounds

After my appointment with the gastroenterologist two weeks ago, she refered me to a pulmonologist because my main concern is my breathing problems.

So last weekend, I consulted a pulmonologist at the Lung Center of the Philippines and she said that all my symptoms point to asthma. To assess my asthma she requested a pulmonary function test for me and before that I had my xray which turns out to be clear. Aside from the pulmonary function test, I also had an electrocardiogram examination, an artearial blood gas exam, complete blood count and even a urinalysis. All these tests left a big hole in my pocket.
Being sick is not only physically draining but financially exhausting as well. hehehe.

I was off the whole afternoon from work to have the pulmonary function test at the Lung Center. Before the actual exam, the medical technologist noted my height and my weight.

The last time I checked myself on the scale before I got sick, I weight 113 pounds. Now, I only weigh 106 pounds.

I remember that a few months back, I was into running because I want to shed three pounds and now I even double the pounds I lost because I really lost my appetite during the last month. But there's no sense of satisfaction on losing the weight because I achieved it through a very unhealthy way - I got sick. I would not exchange my health for the few pounds I lost because of my sickness.

Anyway, all the results will be in this coming Saturday. Oh well, I'm tired of being sick and I believed I'm on my way back to my healthy days. Please pray for me. :)


Rocks said...

Praying for you sis!! May the Lord bless you with better health!!

Enchie said...

I hope you'll get better by the minute. I know what you mean, keep healthy and take care!

jenskie said...

hi sis, pagaling ka tsaka rest ka muna. maybe its because of this crazy weather, kya natrigger ung asthma mo. its a good thing you already consulted the Doctor. I also have asthma, but thanks God, di pa ako hinihika ngaun. Sometimes, kc humihina ung katawan natin sa stress.

ey, get well soon. tnx for the comment and concern :) dito kc ako nkatira sa Pasay. hehe

anne said...

Keep healthy girl, good for you you already lose some haist I am still so heavy wahhh

Grace said...

I'm praying for you sis. I really hope you get better soon. Remember yung promise me to meet me kapag magaling ka na. Di ko nakakalimutan yun kaya dapat pagaling ka na ha.

Ingat po lagi and God bless! Get well soon!

Sam said...

you're right, it's never good to lose some weight if the reason is health problems. i hope you become better. you can join our summer giveaway. just by grabbing our badge you can win $50: http://blog.ed2group.com/2010/07/sizzling-hot-summer-promo-2010/


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