Saturday, June 26, 2010

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I know I have been for the longest time have been planning on getting a new domain name and transferring this blog on paid web hosting. But up to this time I still haven't had enough time to do my research and examine the pros and cons of moving this blog to a paid web hosting service provider.

A lot of bloggers like me who are on free blog hosting sites are also in the same dilemma.

I must admit that I do not know a lot of things about web hosting. I do not know what are the criteria I must look for in a web hosting provider. Of course, the price of the web hosting service is a big consideration on my part. But with the price, I don't want to try a cheap web hosting provider and regret the quality of service they can provide at that small rate.

I worry also that transferring to a new webhosting provider and getting a new domain name may affect my current google page rank. My page rank of 3, although not that high is able to give some writing assignments. I know that once I've made the change in domain name and web hosting my page rank will suffer and I have to wait for months before google gives me a decent rank.

For confused bloggers like me who are contemplating on transferring to paid web hosting and needs more information on this topic, there's a web hosting news blog called the webhostingfan. This blog features the newest trends in web hosting, a review of the best web hosting providers available in the net today and all the news and information you want about web hosting.

So visit and learn more about web hosting.


jenskie said...

hi! same with me, i am worrying about having a webhosting site, i don;t know lots of things about it. but tnx for your info...

happy Sunday!

Gracie said...

Hello sis! Thanks for the talk last night. It's always good to chitchat with you. You only not gave me wisdom but hopes as well. Those things are priceless and so as you.

By the way, you are right that if you transfer this blog to a new domain name your PR will be back to zero. So it is something that you really have to think about. But my suggestion is to keep this as it is and maintain your PR anyway, you have other blog which is having your own domain name right now. Just a thought... hehehe

Ingat lagi sis and one day I will gonna see you.

Stay sweet and pretty!

jenskie said...

morning! sorry dito na ko nagreply. yes, my tour package kami. mas marami kayo, mas maganda. oh one more thing pala, you should book your reservation 3-5 months ahead kc kami 4 months ahead p kami nagpareserve pero sa extension n lng kami ng hotel napunta, as in fully booked agad. bitin samin kc 2 days lng... dapat 3-5 days kayo dun. pwede ko kau irefer sa van na nagsundo samin sa airport. hehe

happy Monday!


Papa Ces said...

I share the same concerns before when I was new to blogging. Good thing we can learn everything if we just prepare ourselves to know more information just like in blogging.

Good luck on your new endeavor. :)


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