Saturday, June 05, 2010

My New Blog

Finally, after almost two days of trying to figure out how to change my new site's url to its new domain name, I was able to do it!

There was no problem with following blogspot's instruction for publishing because it was really easy, the error came from the domain name provider because their instructions were not clear. I try to google the answer to my problem but google's instructions were different and not applicable to my own domain name provider. Good thing though that my persistence brought me to read more blogs and my answer came from a comment left on a blog that I've read. I was apprehensive to try it at first but I gave it a shot and voila the problem was solved!

The problem as I've explained in my previous post was that when I typed my blog's name on the address bar with the www before it- I am directed to my blog but when it's only my naked domain name it landed on another page. Now that I have solved this problem, I'm now thinking on ways on how to drive traffic to my new blog, would getting the services of a seo company helps?

Anyway, that's behind me now because everything is okay now.

My new blog is "Happy and Healthy Me." It's a blog that offers tips and information on happy and healthy living and at the same time chronicles my journey to becoming more fit and healthy.

Please visit my new site and add it up to your links! :)


shimumsy said...

congrats on your new domain, i will add you. have a happy weekend.

jenskie said...

hi! checking your new blog.

zh3en22 said...

i have the same problem... hope you can help me... droppin back... thanks

zh3en22 said...

yeah got it @ 1&1 and i am completely lost... i dont know what to do... how to change a name... although i created a subdomain... but whenevr i use it when transfering my site, i always encounter error...anyway... thanks for the drop by... visiting you again... xoxo


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