Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Shrek Forever After

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I were supposed to watch "Prince of Persia," but on the last minute I changed my mind and told him if we could just see "Shrek Forever After," and he agreed.

I have to thank Grace because she gave a good review about the movie in her blog and that convinced me to see the movie.

Anyway, I just want to de stress and to have a laugh so Shrek 4 is the perfect flick to see.

Shrek was becoming tired and getting frustrated about his perfect yet boring life with Fiona and their three ogre babies. He longed for the good old days when people feared him and don't bother him in his swamp. During his children's first birthday party, he had a sudden outburst witness by his family and friends. Fiona told Shrek that he had everything that he wanted but he couldn't see it. Shrek in his discontentment walked out of the party into the woods where he met Rampulstilken-the magic deal maker. Rampulstilskin holds a grudge against Shrek because King Harold and Queen Lilian (Fiona's parents) were supposed to sign a contract with Rampulstilskin stating that they will turn over the Kingdom of Far,Far Away in exchange for Fiona being freed from the curse but that didn't happened because Shrek saved Fiona.

Rampulstilskin offered Shrek a one day deal where he could go back to being the feared ogre he once was for a day in exchange for a day in Shrek's childhood. Shrek signed the contract, without knowing that it was the day he was born that will be taken away from him. The deal was signed and Shrek found himself being feared by the villagers just like before and he was extremely happy. What he didn't know was that since he wasn't been born, there's no one to free Fiona from the curse; so King Harold and Queen Lilian signed their magical deal with Rampulstilkin and the kingdom of Far,Far Away became under the authority of Rampulstilskin. If Shrek does not break the contract curse by the end of 24 hours, he will disappear forever together with his family and the future of Far,Far Away.

The movie reminded me to appreciate the people in my life and be content with what I have while working for the things I want to achieve in my life as the old saying goes " You never know what you've got until you lose it."

The downside of the movie was that I find it too short and there were only a few funny moments. I found the humor more intended for the adult viewers than for children.

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Enchie said...

I super enjoyed the movie :D


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