Thursday, June 03, 2010

Figuring How This Thing Works

Yay! Spent the whole afternoon trying to figure out how to change my new blog's url to my own domain name.

It was a major headache because everytime I typed the address with a www it landed on my blog but when if its only the domain name without www I am directed to another page with this message:

this domain name has just been registered, Why is this page displayed?

when I click "why is this page displayed?" , it says that this page was displayed because I have not replaced the temporary web page created for me.

I guess I need to rest my mind first and try deciphering this problem later on. I really want to finish this task because I want to share my new blog.

1 comment:

jenskie said...

wow, you got a new domain name? anyway, sorry i can't answer your question regarding your domains prob :(

oh, have a lovely rainy day!


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