Saturday, February 06, 2010

Applying For An Eon Card

I filed for an under time leave yesterday. I was out of the office at two in the afternoon so I can transact my business with Union Bank.

I applied for an eon card/ewallet at Union Bank. The eon card will help me withdraw my money from paypal.

If you want to apply for an eon card, go to any of the nearest Union Bank branch in your area, bring two valid identification cards, it would be better if it's your SSS/GSIS card and TIN card you're going to bring because they will be needing your SSS/GSIS and TIN numbers in your application. Have your identification cards photocopied also.

According to the Union Bank Employee, my eon card will be ready in five to seven days. The annual fee for the card is P350.00 which I'm going to pay once I've received my card.

Can't wait until next Friday so I can cash out some of my money at paypal.

1 comment:

GAGAY said...

good for u te u'd only take 5-7 days for ur eon to be processed..akin more than a month.huhuhu!!!but at least i hav it edi..hehe!

happy blogging!

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