Saturday, February 06, 2010

An Afternoon Treat

I attended our office meeting at our head office in Pasig City this morning. The meeting ended at twelve in the afternoon and all those who attended the meeting were treated to lunch.

I only ate a little at the office so by the time I reached Cubao on my way home I was really hungry. I went to Ali Mall and I was set to eat at KFC's when I remembered that Sbarro has opened a new branch at Ali Mall.

I treated myself to a slice of Supreme Pan Pizza with added extra cheese and mushroom and a glass of Raspberry Iced Tea at Sbarro. For dessert I got myself a Double Chocolate Almond Blizzard at Dairy Queens.

After eating lunch, I went to my favorite hair cutter and had a new haircut. I have a short haircut and I have hair bangs. I'm not sure if the haircut suited my face. I will post picture later because I'm sleepy already.......I'm just going to get a short nap.

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