Friday, February 05, 2010

A Pleasant Suprise

Yesterday was such a tiring day at work. After office hours, I still need to go to the supermarket to do my grocery.
I was about to ride the jeep on my way home after my grocery shopping when I remembered I've forgotten to buy the oyster sauce my father needs for the dish he's going to cook the following day.
I don't want to go back to the supermarket because it was a long walk going back to the supermarket and I was carrying four heavy plastic bags containing my groceries. I've decided to drop by the smaller grocery near our place and just ride a tricycle from there.
I was a little irritated because I was tired already, all I want is to rest but I have no choice but to get the oyster sauce.
Since the small grocery is near the church, I passed by the church's office to offer mass for myself because it's my birthday on Sunday.
I hurriedly went inside the small grocery, bought the oyster sauce and when I was about to step out of the supermarket, I saw a good high school friend of mine, I've haven't seen for years.
I was so glad to see her that I gave her a big hug!
The last time we saw each other was fourteen years ago during our high school graduation. I was trying to reconnect with her through facebook but was unsuccessful because she doesn't have an account.
We became really close in fourth year high school, we would talk about our little problems and share stories about our crushes. Who would have thought that the boy she constantly chat about in high school will end up to be her husband.
She's happily married and is a stay at home now with four kids, two boys and two girls.
We were not able to talk for long because she still needs to buy groceries for dinner and that her two boys were left in the care of their lola and she needs to pick them up.
We just exchanged mobile and telephone numbers so we can schedule another meeting with one another.

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