Friday, January 15, 2010

Prizes Galore

January has been the contest month for me. I have joined a handful of contests already. More contests mean more chances of winning. :)

The first contest I've joined is at Coke Zero resolution which I've entered via Facebook. All I did is to write down in that site my new year's resolution. The prizes for this contest is an Ipod Nano and running kits. This running kits is helpful to me because I plan to run in a marathon this year.

Then there's the soap contest over at Soap Seductions. Beautifully crafted soaps are to be raffled to those who leave a comment on the site regarding their new year's resolution. Over at Paix Review, I get a chance to win five dollars by simply visiting his site.

From Lakbay Diva, I've read in his blog about WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc anniversarry promo of giving away a free Boracay Package. I did not waste my time, I immedietely blog about it, here's the link to my post, you might want to join the contest as well.

Then yesterday morning, Liza left an invite for me to join the contest at her site which she is sponsoring. All I did to be part of the raffle is to comment on her post, link her blog and be a follower of her site, that simple. To join Liza's contest just click her link in my blog roll.

Those where the contest where I'm hoping to win.


alleo said...

hello? nice post :) im a new blogger and searching for friends :) filipino ka po? mmm can we exchange links ? if you don't mind visit my site back and leave some comments if you want ehehe thanks good luck to your blog Click

David DeWall said...

Hi Joy-Anne, I've never entered any contests since I've been blogging (I started late last August.) Looks like there is some great stuff out there, thanks for the info.


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