Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sad Stories in the Evening News

Yesterday was supposed to be a special day for me but it did not turn out the way I expected it to be. I was really disappointed and went to sleep with a very heart.

When I woke up this morning, getting up from bed, I find myself reflecting on all that happened yesterday and I realized that it wasn't that bad, it just failed short from my expectations. Then my mind drifted to the evening news I watched last night, my experience yesterday wasn't as heartbreaking as those that the people in Haiti are going through due to the earthquake or as hard as what the fire victims in Paco are experiencing right now.

The devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti affected at least two million people and hundreds of people are feared to be death. Some members of the Philippine contingent to the United Nations Peacekeeping Corps in Haiti are still missing.

Here in the National Capital Region of the country, two thousand families are left homeless when a fire razed through two baranggays in Paco, Manila yesterday. The fire lasted for four hours and spread fast due to the strong winds and because the houses were made from light materials..

So from feeling disappointed, I find myself feeling sad for the victims and instead of feeling sad for myself, I find myself praying for the victims.

Let us pray for the victims and help them in whatever way we can.


David DeWall said...

It is terrible what has happened with the fire and earthquake victims. My heart goes out to them, and in your comments I see in you a person with much compassion.

anne said...

nabalitaan ko nga ung sa paco girl, so sad..


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