Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maristela Torres Bags Gold In Asian Track And Field Championships

Today was such a busy day at work.

While commuting on my way home, I was thinking of what to blog about today. I was too tired to think of anything and I just decided not to post anything for today. The first time I would have to do so in two months.

But when I read in the paper that Maristela Torres won a gold medal for the long jump event at the Asian Track and Field Championships being held in Guangzhou,China. I just felt I have to share this story.

The gold medal won by Torres is the first for the Philippines after twenty two years. The last gold medal for the country was won by Lydia De Vega in 1987 for the sprint double in Singapore.

Maristela Torres was considered to be a dark horse in the competition since everyone was expecting Chinese Chen Yaling to win before the home crowd.

When Miss Torres made her third jump and leaped 6.51 meters the Chinese coach approached Torres' coach Joseph Sy and congratulated him already because Chen only manage to reach 6.28 meters.

She makes us Filipino proud because of this feat.

Congratulations to Maristela Torres

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