Friday, November 13, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I will be one of the bridesmaids in my cousin's wedding. I'm excited about the wedding which will be held a day after Christmas.

I can't think of any decent post because my mind is preoccupied with what design I'm going to choose for my gown.

The bride has sent me the designs of the gown but I still can't choose which is the one for me.

I wish I can post the pictures here so you can help decide but when I tried putting it here in my blog the pictures are small, the details of the gown can't be viewed.

I have until Sunday to choose. And I'm already anxious just thinking which of the gowns will look good on me.


mhai said...

Hey! I've visited your blog & would like to present this award to you. Just click here to view. Thanx!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

It's a tough decision and I wish we all could help you. All I can say is that in my experience, less is always more. Simple is elegant. Go with what feels right.

bambie said...

that's a tough one sis. just choose one that would flatter your best features. hope you can decide soon and decide for the best.☺

have a great weekend sis!


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