Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Earning Opportunities

It has been almost two weeks that I don't qualify for any writing opportunities at Payperpost. Unlike last month, I get to write many articles from them.

But it is a good thing that I discovered other sites where I can earn extra cash. And I know that these sites are not scam because I or my online friends have already received payments from them.

Some of the sites I regularly visit and earn from are: MyLot, Netverdix and Microworker.

Visit these sites and earn extra cash as well.


bambie said...

i love mylot.☺ sa netverdix ndi pa ako nakakakuha ng survey.

i joined ppp, too, but i've never had an invite. i mostly write for socialspark, buyblogreviews and linkfromblog now.

hope you'll find more opps, sis! have a great day!

anne said...

want to try though nd ko lang alam paano mag earn doon


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