Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last Friday, Boyet went back to the hospital for his follow up check-up. He has been sick the week before and was rushed to the hospital the previous Saturday, was released on a Sunday and was brought back to the emergency room on a Monday night due to a viral infection.

He left a message on my mobile phone informing me that he was not able to make it for the morning out patient department schedule and will just wait for the afternoon session.

Since the hospital was just a jeepney ride from where I was working and it was ten minutes before my lunch break, I texted him back telling him to meet me up at the hospital’s emergency ward so we can eat lunch together.

His reply to my message was not to continue my plan of going to the hospital because I might not be able to eat my lunch because my one hour break will be consumed by my travel to the hospital and my commute back to the office.

But despite his objection I still went to the hospital.

After twenty minutes I was at the hospital’s emergency ward and he was not there. I called up his mobile phone but the other line said that the subscriber cannot be reached. I then remembered that his phone was running on low battery. I looked for him at the out patient department and at the nearby canteen and there was no trace of him.

A friend from work texted me that Boyet was at the office waiting for me.

I was at the hospital while he was at my office. I called up Boyet in the office to inform him that I was on my way back to the office.

I hurriedly went back to the office but was caught in the traffic. It was ten minutes to one in the afternoon when I reached the office.

Boyet told me that the last message I received was his last text message before his mobile phone loss its power. And he thought all along that I got and obeyed his message.

I felt bad because he has not been feeling well and yet here he was in the office visiting me. And at the same time it was one in the afternoon and he has still not eaten his lunch yet. His commute back to the hospital will eat up most of his time; he wouldn’t be able to finish his check-up much earlier.

I asked permission from my supervisor to take the rest of the afternoon off so I could accompany him to his check-up.

We did not go back to the hospital but instead went to another clinic.


bambie said...


but at least your boyfriend (both of you, actually were) was understanding enough although i can imagine yun pagod nya.

wishing for his speedy recovery sis!☺

Rocks said...

Hi joy!! it's been long since I last visited here :) how's life treating you? hope your bf fell better soon!


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