Monday, October 26, 2009

Someone Is Pretending To Be Him

Last night while checking my email, I received a notice from friendster informing me that my boyfriend is inviting me to join him as one of his friends in his account.

I was confused for a while because he had a previous account before which he has not touch for ages.

My boyfriend’s name is Boyet. In his first account with friendster he made used of the name Yet and in this new one it’s Boyet already.

Boyet is not really fond of social networking site, he only signed up with friendster because I asked him before. And now that most people have switched to facebook, he had not made an attempt to have an account there.

When I check the profile of the person trying to be Boyet, it does not have any picture and the only information there was the age which is the same as that of my boyfriend. Three people have signed up to be his friend including one who happens to be his coworker before.

The last update on that account was a new friend added nine hours ago which confirms my suspicion that it was not my boyfriend after all because I was with Boyet the whole Sunday and we are not in any way near a computer during that time.

I texted my boyfriend informing him that someone is making a friendster account using his name. He just told me not to accept the invite.

What could be the motive of this person for making an account in my boyfriend’s name?


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

naku sis, nakakaloka naman yan.siguro may crush ke bf...o kaya...x nya...
hehe..nako naghinuha pa eh noh...i agree with boyet..wag na lang i-accept...

bambie said...

naku, beware sis. baka stalker ng bf mo yun. just ignore it.

czaroma said...

just ignore the invite. someone created an account at friendster pretending to be ME... hindi natin alam what the real motives are, kaya dapat careful na lang lagi ;)


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