Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last Tuesday

It was a tiring Tuesday for me yesterday. As soon as I open my office computer to login on a program run by the Department of Health, the program won’t accept my username and password. There was a problem with the accreditation number of our health facility.

The Management Information System of the Department of Health informed me to bring the central processing unit of the computer to their office in Tayuman.

It was a long commute from Cubao, Quezon City to Tayuman, Manila. And it was another long wait for the computer to get fix. I was at DOH office from ten in the morning up to two in the afternoon.

If I knew all along that it will take that long to be repaired I should have brought with me a good book to entertain me. It was a good thing I have a notebook and a pen with me. I jot down ideas I can blog about and write down few articles I can post already.

I have so many pending work at the office and I just wasted another day doing nothing but what can I do, my work is tied up to that DOH program.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

Medyo di talaga maganda pag ganyang nasisira ang pc tapos marami pang dapat gawin sa office....hope maayos na nila yan ^_^

bambie said...

that sucks! i remember when i used to work at an ad agency tpos i handled accounts. pag nagcrash yun specialized program which i use to process my billings, naku! i had to render OT hours to make up for it.

anyway, thanks for your well wishes, sis. yup, the LDR was hard at first but thanks to technology, it became bearable.

thanks for always visiting my blog.☺

hope bf is okay now.


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