Thursday, October 29, 2009

On The Road To Full Recovery

Last week has been a stressful one for me because my boyfriend has been in and out of the hospital.

First, we suspected that he had Leptospirosis but the doctors confirmed later on that it was due to a viral infection.

I was not able to talk to the physician because if I had I would like to ask what virus it was and what is the name of the disease?

Putting a sickness as plain viral infection is very broad. Is it an Epstein Barr or a Cytomegalovirus? I’m not a doctor but I want to know further what the illness is, so I and my loved ones can better protect ourselves from such illness.

All I know right now is that bf’s monocyte count in his blood got elevated and his platelets dropped from normal as well as his potassium. He had fever, malaise, severe headache and he lost his appetite for days.

Both his arms got bruised when each of his arms got injected with paracetamol and tramadol for his fever to get down and for his headache. His arms from the shoulder to the elbow were purplish in color and were swollen due to the injections. It was a huge hematoma. The doctor prescribed multivitamins as treatment for his disease.

The doctor we consulted for his check-up gave an appetite stimulant for bf because he could only manage to eat two to three spoonful of food and nothing more. He even said that as soon as bf’s appetite get back to normal, we should visit him back to have a work up to know why his arms got bruised by the injections. He may have underlying blood disease that was not yet discovered.

I am grateful that bf has been eating well, his arms are still bruised but are no longer swollen. I know that he will be fully recovered from his sickness soon.

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bambie said...

Hi sis! Thank God your bf's okay now. I'm hoping for his fast recovery! Thanks for always brightening my blog with your presence!☺


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