Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anti Tetanus Shot

Last Saturday, because of Typhoon “Ondoy,” Dan (my brother) and I were forced to wade through the floods so we can go home (here’s the link to the post). While walking through thigh deep water, my flip flops got stucked in a hole and was destroyed. My brother than lend me his rubber slippers while he wore his rubber shoes without socks.

The friction of the shoes against his small finger on his foot created an open wound. Despite the wound and due to our eagerness to go home, he ignored his wound and continued walking through the floods.

By Sunday night, he had slight fever and then on and off fever yesterday. Early morning today at around 3:30 am, he said that he is having a hard time opening and closing his jaws and that his back aches.

Alarmed that he might have contacted tetanus or leptospirosis while wading in the flood, my other brother Paul and I decided to accompany him to Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital

There he was given an anti-tetanus shot, a medicine as a prophylaxis against leptospirosis, pain killer and paracetamol. His wound was cleaned by the nurse as well.

My father called my aunt who is a physician to refer the incident and to ask whether the right medicine was given to him.

My aunt told my father that the symptoms of tetanus will only be manifested after eight days and that the numbness in his jaw might be psychological. His fever might be due to wound infection.

I know that we might have panic about the situation but it is better to be safe than sorry. At least we don’t have to worry about infection, tetanus or leptospirosis.And we don’t have to spend for anything at the emergency room because his hospital needs were covered by his HMO.


Bemused26 said...

I hope your brother is ok and you were right to panic- it is better to be safe than sorry!

czaroma said...

hope nothing worst will happen to your bro. it's always better to be safe all the time


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