Thursday, September 17, 2009

$3 For Daniel Project

While blog hopping, I stumbled upon Niko's blog asking for help for the son of her highschool classmate. Baby George Daniel is very sick and is in need of our special prayers and financial aid.

I have post below the entry made by Niko in her blog.

George Daniel Arevalo Samson, 5 months old son of my high school friend Clarissa has biliary atresia with cirrhosis and is in immediate need of liver transplant. The operation has never been done in the Philippines and the doctor’s advice is to go to Taiwan for the cheapest operation of which will cost roughly 3 Million Pesos ($60,000).

Now, no matter how much I feel ashamed for asking help again, there is a must in my heart that says I have to do it for the sake of the child and their family. I am now on my knees, with tears in my eyes knocking on each of your hearts for $3 to help save Daniel’s life...

I know God moves in mysterious ways and I have faith that the Lord will grant us our fervent wish if we ask in group. I am asking for prayer power and blog power, if you have a blog please spread about this $3 for Daniel Project.Or you might want to click my paypal donate button at my personal blog's sidebar right away, surely your $3 will bring little Daniel to TAIWAN the soonest possible time!

Thank you very much! God bless your heart!

Please visit Niko's blog and help baby Daniel

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