Monday, March 09, 2009

What happened to my page rank?

What happened to my page rank?

I have not been posting any article for a week now because I got disappointed with my page rank. My page rank dropped from pr 3 to 0.

I was surprised by what happened to my ranking, the dropped made me unable to grab any opportunity from pay per post.

I was trying for days figuring out what I must have done that resulted in my drop. I check google and search for my blog, when I typed in my blog url, five other blogs came in first before mine. And then I search yahoo, I was relieve a little because in their web search my blog came in with the titles of my blog post.

I was not in the mood for days to blog as a result of the page rank. I was thinking of all the effort exerted and time I spent just to improve my rank.

I remembered that Shy, a fellow blogger posted something about the drop in her page rank, I check her post and the comments made on that blog , thinking that people may have some helpful thoughts about it. But sad to say, they do not have any idea about what happened to her page rank as well.

But I am not one who will just accept what happened and do nothing about the situation.
I tried searching the web , typing out in the search box, “why did my page rank dropped?”

All pointed out that, google lowers down the rank of those sites who illegally do things just to improve their ranking like buying links from other websites.

I never did anything illegal for my site.

Last Friday, I logged in to my google account, and I saw a link for the google webmaster diagnostics. I tried it out and went I typed in my url, it pointed out that my site map has an error that occurred last February 27. I then resubmit my url.

I really hope that with the resubmission of my blog url, I get to have my page rank of 3 again.

To Shy, if this web diagnostics work for my blog, I will definitely help you get your page rank back again.

But if it does not work that well, I am prepared to work my way up again.


Enchie said...

same here, mine went from 3-0 too...i think its that time google is doing some updates. Most of the bloggers lost their ranks.

S-H-Y said...

Anyway Thanks for your concern, I been working for my pr since 27 of Feb but until now my pr is still 0 so i think I will just wait until the google give me pr back again.. but if you find out what happen kindly tell me about it thanks..


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