Monday, March 02, 2009

My Amazing Entrecard Droppers

I would like to thank the following for the support they gave my blog, for taking the time to visit and to drop those entrecards. Salamat po.

My top entrecard droppers for February are:

1. Recuerdo Mi Amor 25 drops
My Daily Discourse 25 drops
2.Stuff to Blog About 24 drops
My Point of View 24 drops
3.Sweet Nothings 23 drops
4.C'est La Vie 21 drops
5.A Journey For Life 19 drops
I am Harriet 19 drops
My Life's Events and Anecdotes 19 drops
6.Kitchen Recipes by Chelle 18 drops

1 comment:

Enchie said...

yehey! I made it here too :D thanks! and have a wonderful week!


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