Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Two Birthday Cakes

I celebrated my birthday last Saturday, February 7. Yahoo!

And part of my birthday gifts were these two birthday cakes from two important people who made my day extra special.

Sorry for the pictures, both were already consumed before I was able to take a picture of it.

The first cake was a chocolate roll from Red Ribbon.

It was given to me by Ate Debbie. Ate Debbie was a choir mate. I used to sing with an all female choir group in our parish two years ago. When my dad became sick with an end stage renal disease, I asked permission from them to take a leave. I was so surprised because Ate Debbie dropped by our house at one in the afternoon just to greet me and give me this gift. I was so touched because she remembered my birthday and took the effort just to see me.

The second one is a mocha chiffon cake also from Red Ribbon, which happens to be my favorite cake flavor.

This one was a present from Aileen, one of boarders at home. We have a room in our house and we admit lady boarders. Aileen has been staying at our place for the past two years and she is considered part of the family already. When my father was undergoing dialysis prior to his kidney transplant, Aileen was kind enough to accompany my father in his treatment sessions.

Thank you to Ate Debbie and Aileen for making my birthday extra special and sweet.


Enchie said...

Happy Birthday to You!

Raymond - Rhia said...

belated happy birthday sis! :)


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