Friday, February 13, 2009

In Search Of A New Dentist

My dentist migrated to another country just this January and because of this I am scouting for a new dentist.

A healthy, bright smile is important to me so I am taking my time in choosing the right dentist.

I hope I can find a dentist who practices the same principles and give the same dental services like those offered by Dr. Aleid Family Dentistry.

Dr Aleid Family Dentistry has made it their mission to promote the best dental care to all.
They believe that oral care should be available for all ages;children, adults and senior citizens. Children as young as two years old can already avail of their services. Senior citizen patients are given discounts at their clinics.

It is comforting to know that Dr Aleid Family Dentistry operates under the principles of: Preventive Dentistry for better dental health, Conservative Dentistry using the least invasive dental procedure and Honesty and Integrity

One can be at ease that the service you are receiving is the best for your dental care and that no unnecessary procedure will be given to you.

Dr Aleid Family Dentistry will guide their clients on how to properly take care of their teeth and expertly perform dental procedures.

Dr Aleid Family Dentistry treats all of their patients with high respect. They make it a point to establish rapport with their patients so that their clients will be comfortable as they undergo their dental services. All the staff are well trained to answer the queries their patients may have regarding their dental procedures.

Dr.Aleid Family Dentistry offers the following services: Teeth Cleaning and Regular Dental Care, Teeth Whitening, Children’s Dental Hygiene, Tooth and Dental Care, Tooth Filling, Rooth Canals, Dental Bridges, Dental Implants, Fluoride Treatment, Bite Guards, X-rays, Porcelain Veneers, Dental Sealants and more.

To know more about Dr Aleid Dentistry, you may visit their website at Through their website, one can conveniently request online for an appointment in one of their clinics. Aside from that, anyone can sign up at their site and request for updates, special offers, and newsletters.

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