Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Healthy Habits

I turned 30 last February 7.

And now that I’m in my thirty’s, I’ve decided that I’ll embrace my age and take necessary steps to commit myself to a much healthy lifestyle.

I don’t smoke and I don’t take any alcoholic beverage. I make it a point that I get to sleep at least seven hours, anything less than that makes me cranky and irritated. I do stretching exercises every morning and I take my Vitamin C everyday.

But because I want to stay healthy and fit, I’ve decided to add this activity to my daily regimen.

I’m drinking more water. I know I must be conscious with my water intake and be sure that I drink not only when I’m thirsty or after taking my meal.

I am now taking a calcium supplement because I’m not much of a milk drinker.

I must be aware of my posture because I have this tendency to slouch. Slouching makes people look old and unattractive and at the same time it causes back, shoulder and neck pain. To address this problem, I already bought myself a posture corrector from Avon which helps me a lot in correcting my posture.

I now make sure that I get to have a serving of a fruit daily which I don’t do before and hopefully I can move up to two servings of fruit.

I’m now scouting for a perfect eye cream. Hmmh…..Do you have a suggestion for a not so expensive but effective eye cream?

These are the things I have been observing since Monday, I hope I can really turn all of these into habits.

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