Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What is Prediabetes?

My father’s blood sugar level is elevated. And because of this, his doctor gave him a medicine intended to lower his blood sugar.

If I had the chance to talk to his doctor, I would have asked if taking that medicine was that necessary or instead of taking that drug my dad could just change his diet and exercise more to lower his blood sugar.

I have this sentiment because the last time his blood sugar was elevated, his previous doctor advised him to go on a low fat diet without taking any medication for his blood sugar and his sugar level became normal. I believe that through self-discipline my dad can lower his blood sugar again.

I’m wary about taking this pill, because as a kidney transplant recipient he is already taking six kinds of medicines , I don’t want him to be dependent on drugs when there is an alternative way to cure him from this condition.

My father ‘s condition is known as a prediabetes, it is a medical condition wherein the blood sugar level of a person is above the normal range but not that high enough for a diagnosis of a diabetes.

People who are prediabetic will become diabetic if they do not take the necessary steps to lower their blood sugar or blood glucose for a more scientific term.

According to my research, a moderate weight loss through diet and regular exercise can significantly lower the blood sugar of a person.

I’m helping my father take the necessary steps to lower his blood sugar because I don’t want him to be diabetic.

A diabetic person has a higher chance of developing an end stage renal disease.

And to prolong the life of a person afflicted with end stage renal disease, one must either have a dialysis or a kidney transplant operation.

I don’t want my father to have another kidney transplant operation.

Last night, my father told me that his going to apply the diet given to him by his nutritionist and that every morning he would ride his bike around our neighborhood for his exercise.

I hope that he’ll stick to this regiment because next month he’s scheduled for another blood glucose laboratory test.


Jane said...

Hi Joy My mom is the same thing. She got diabetes. My mom really need to take pills to maintain her blood glucose and diet as the same time. Your dad is prediabetes ? If so he can maintain it by eating vege,fish no meat.

Posh Post Reviews said...

my mother in law hasn't reached that much. hers is borderline. but she is arleady taking precautionary measures and watches her diet.

hope everything will work well for your dad.

Marriage Markers said...

mom eats everything moderately. she measures her rice intake, doesn't drink softdrinks or juices. and just occasionally eats desserts...in small amounts. and she exercises, too. :-) every mornng.

Flowersbythewayside said...

don't forget to pray:

-that ur dad will be disciplined
-that medications will work
-that his condition will improve at the soonest possible time so that it will not worsen to full blown diabetes

God bless you! :-)

Umma said...

hello Joy ganda..my Mom has a diabetes too and always in and out of hospital. Right now she is dialysis which is kind of expensive.


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